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  • First brand of Crystal Litter introduced in America – and still the best.
  • Larger size crystals track less and last longer.
  • Preferred for standard litter boxes.
  • Space age technology eliminates odor and provides a healthier environment for your family, pets and guests.

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Early Warning System:

Any pink or red  color in the urine should be reported to your vet immediately. Many customers have told us that they have been able to detect and minimize the effects of urinary tract problems because the pure white crystals gave them an early indication of a problem.

[pbr_title_heading title=”Product Specifications” descript=”Preferred for standard litter boxes”]

This product is made from silica sand, a naturally occurring earth mineral.  Adsorption is a chemical interaction whereby a change of physical properties occurs.  Silica sand crystals completely adsorb urine and its odor until a saturation point occurs, usually after one month, at which time the litter should be changed. This adsorption process also kills bacteria.For customers with standard cat boxes, the Chunk Shaped is preferred.  The chunk style litter does not scatter as readily as the Round Shaped litter.

Professional Box: (4.5 lbs. x 4 bags; 18 lbs. Litter)
Single Case: (8 lbs. x 4 bags; 32 lbs. Litter)
Double Case: (8 lbs. x 8 bags; 64 lbs. Litter)
Shape: Irregular Chunks

Testimonial says it all:

I am a cat breeder and show my cats over half the country. I always use your product at shows, in my hotel room, and especially in private places in my home (like my office). People (spectators) always ask what type of litter I am using! I love it! Even my husband (who never notices anything) commented about the fact that our litter boxes don’t smell. It’s great stuff – the best available.

Norine G.
Harleysville, Pennsylvania

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