How does FreshMagic® work?

Answer – (Short answer: Like magic!)  Absorption is what happens when a sponge soaks up urine. The urine remains in the sponge unchanged, and the odor still emanates from the sponge, just as occurs with other cat litters.

Fresh Magic®, however, causes an interaction whereby a change of physical properties occurs.

Fresh Magic® is composed of quartz sand (SiO²).  Through advanced processing, this sand is converted into crystals. The sand is first heated to melting temperature, then rapidly cooled in water. Next, it is dried out, sifted and sized. One teaspoon of these crystals contains millions of microscopic pores, which exhale moisture from cat urine. The odor molecules can’t remain intact without moisture. It is moisture which is the necessary element in creating that awful catbox odor. The crystals also pull moisture from the droppings, which further minimizes odor. This advanced technology provides the greatest odor control of any type of litter. This process also kills bacteria. See testimonials.

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