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What is FreshMagic’s ® Primary Benefit

An odor free home environment for you, your guests, your pets and your family!!!

Why have prices gone up recently?

Three main factors: the cost of raw materials has risen substantially; 25% Tariffs have been imposed; UPS has raised shipping costs noticeably.  Also, China has (finally) gotten serious about air pollution and has mandated smog control for all factories immediately – (All crystal litter is manufactured in China). Other variable costs, such as ocean freight, have increased.  The end result is good for the environment but not the pocketbook.

Why are there two shapes of litter, round and chunk shaped?

Answer – Many people prefer the original round style, especially those with automated cat boxes, such as Littermaid® and Scoopfree®. But others like the new chunk style crystals because they do not roll if your cat displaces them from the litter box.

For optimal use of FreshMagic ®, is there anything I should be aware of? Yes! A MUST READ!

Answer – Yes ! There are three, Depth of crystal litter in litter box, Scooping, and Stirring.

Dear New Users: We value our customers, we listen, and we want you to be fully informed about this product. The suggestions in the following paragraphs will return a lifetime of continuous benefits, especially a more elegant home environment.

Depth of crystal litter in catbox: The ideal depth to fill your cat’s litterbox is two inches (8 cm). This is the depth required for the odor-defeating technology to function optimally.

Scooping: Most users scoop feces daily, and discard in toilet or garbage. Do NOT flush any large amount of litter. If a few crystals cling to the solid waste that is scooped, this is harmless. You will need a scoop with wide slots, so the crystals fall through the slots.

Stirring: After scooping, stir the crystals about the litterbox. Most of the urine is directed at the center. If you don’t stir, the crystals around the perimeter are virtually unused and the crystals in the center are saturated. This reduces the useful life of the product.

How long does it last? – One bag, One Cat, One Month?

Answer – One bag will last the average cat about three weeks under ordinary circumstances. *One bag lasts one cat one month. This claim is made by almost every crystal litter out there. It works like this: First of all, the litterbox should be filled to a depth of two inches (8 cm) for the crystals to function optimally. So, if you have a small litter box and a small cat or kitten, one bag will last about one month. For a great big cat with a great big bladder, it will be less. Also, individual habits vary widely in regard to how often the litter is changed. Damp environments, such as a bathroom where the shower is used often, shorten the useful life of the crystals. So the 1 bag 1 cat 1 month claim is affected by many variables and is true only in ideal circumstances.

*The more accurate way to state the case would be to say that if the litter box is filled to a depth of two inches (using more than a 4Lb. bag in most cases) and is stirred about regularly, it will last the average cat about a month, and will give you far superior results in terms of an odor free home environment for your family, guests and pets.

My cat is hesitant to use the new litter. What should I do?

Answer – Mix small amounts of FreshMagic® with the old litter, and increase gradually while reducing the amount of the old litter. After two weeks, clean box and use FreshMagic® only. Your cat should now be accustomed to the new litter. This small effort on your part will return a world of benefits.

How does FreshMagic® work?

Answer – (Short answer: Like magic!)  Absorption is what happens when a sponge soaks up urine. The urine remains in the sponge unchanged, and the odor still emanates from the sponge, just as occurs with other cat litters.

Fresh Magic®, however, causes an interaction whereby a change of physical properties occurs.

Fresh Magic® is composed of quartz sand (SiO²).  Through advanced processing, this sand is converted into crystals. The sand is first heated to melting temperature, then rapidly cooled in water. Next, it is dried out, sifted and sized. One teaspoon of these crystals contains millions of microscopic pores, which exhale moisture from cat urine. The odor molecules can’t remain intact without moisture. It is moisture which is the necessary element in creating that awful catbox odor. The crystals also pull moisture from the droppings, which further minimizes odor. This advanced technology provides the greatest odor control of any type of litter. This process also kills bacteria. See testimonials.

What is Crystal Litter made from?

Answer – The product is made from silica (quartz) sand, a naturally occurring earth mineral. This product is silicon dioxide (SiO2), more technically called silica gel after it has been processed. It is chemically and biologically inert.

Is it safe for pets and children?

Answer – This product is completely nontoxic to pets and humans.
Silicon dioxide is used as a food additive in such products as beer, salt substitutes (Diamond Crystal® Salt Sense) and dry coffee creamers. Obviously, because of the contact between cat litter and the cat’s eliminations, a physician should be consulted if any child is suspected of ingesting or handling any cat litter of any type.

Do I have to scoop the cat droppings? Yes.

Answer – The product will dry out the droppings, and the occasional diarrhea by gradually pulling moisture from them, and will reduce odor, but regular scooping is recommended. You will need a scoop with wide slots, as described above.


Answer – FreshMagic ® crystals are specially sized to eliminate the messy tracking associated with standard litters. You do not want bacteria-laden litter tracked through your home, even in trace amounts.

Is it biodegradable? Yes.

Answer – FreshMagic ® crystals are 100% biodegradable. In fact, we were “green” before it was fashionable. When put in a compost pile or landfill, the material completely absorbs into the earth in about one month causing less landfill waste.

I notice the crystals have turned yellow. Does this mean it is time to change?

Answer – The yellow staining comes from the cat urine and does not in itself indicate change. Please read the next paragraph.

When should I change the litter?

Answer – When you can notice a slight urine odor from a distance of 30 Cm (twelve inches) twenty minutes after scooping or whenever you notice any moisture in the litter pan. These are signs that the litter has reached its saturation point and it is time to change.

I have more than one cat. How often should I change the litter?

Answer – With two cats, use one bag of Fresh Magic ® and change it about every two weeks. It is not advisable to use two bags at a time to last two cats one month. With three cats, use one bag of fresh magic and change it every ten days. With four cats, use one bag of fresh magic every week. Also, see the previous paragraph.

Can I flush it down the toilet? NO!

Answer – NO! This could clog your drain. Put it out with the garbage or into a compost pile. If a few crystals cling to the solid waste that is scooped, this is harmless.

What is litterbox odor?

Answer. Think about this. This odor is caused by the molecules that emanate from the cat’s eliminations.  Your sense of smell tries to protect you by letting you know that you are inhaling these odorous molecules. You do NOT want your family and guests inhaling these molecules continuously over their lifetimes. It has to have an effect. Get the benefit of Fresh Magic’s space age technology.  Here’s a short testimonial that sums it up:

Thanks!  LOVE THIS STUFF!!!   People come to our house and don’t know we have a cat until they see and hear her!   And the litter box is on the main floor!   Edwina  A.,  Minnesota

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