Answer – FreshMagic ® crystals are specially sized to eliminate the messy tracking associated with standard litters. You do not want bacteria-laden litter tracked through your home, even in trace amounts.

Is it biodegradable? Yes.

Answer – FreshMagic ® crystals are 100% biodegradable. In fact, we were “green” before it was fashionable. When put in a compost pile or landfill, the material completely absorbs into the earth in about one month causing less landfill waste.

How long does it last? – One bag, One Cat, One Month?

Answer – One bag will last the average cat about three weeks under ordinary circumstances. *One bag lasts one cat one month. This claim is made by almost every crystal litter out there. It works like this: First of all, the litterbox should be filled to a depth of two inches (8 cm) for the crystals to function optimally. So, if you have a small litter box and a small cat or kitten, one bag will last about one month. For a great big cat with a great big bladder, it will be less. Also, individual habits vary widely in regard to how often the litter is changed. Damp environments, such as a bathroom where the shower is used often, shorten the useful life of the crystals. So the 1 bag 1 cat 1 month claim is affected by many variables and is true only in ideal circumstances.

*The more accurate way to state the case would be to say that if the litter box is filled to a depth of two inches (using more than a 4Lb. bag in most cases) and is stirred about regularly, it will last the average cat about a month, and will give you far superior results in terms of an odor free home environment for your family, guests and pets.

When should I change the litter?

Answer – When you can notice a slight urine odor from a distance of 30 Cm (twelve inches) twenty minutes after scooping or whenever you notice any moisture in the litter pan. These are signs that the litter has reached its saturation point and it is time to change.

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