[pbr_title_heading title=”Round Shaped Crystal Litter” descript=”Prefect for automatic litter boxes”]


  • Perfect for automatic litter boxes.
  • Gentle on your cat’s paws, especially kittens.
  • Virtually dust free!
  • Space age technology eliminates odor and provides a healthier environment for your family, pets and guests.

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Let’s be right up front and acknowledge the one drawback. Round Crystals roll far on hard surfaces if displaced from the litter box by a playful cat. A litter mat placed outside the litter box greatly minimizes this roll. Many inexpensive litter mats are available on Amazon or at your local pet store.


Many of our customers choose Round Shaped Crystal Litter primarily for the almost complete absence of dust. Healthier for you and your cats.

Gentle On Paws:

In most cases, pet cats are almost completely indoor animals. Over time, their pawpads adjust to soft carpets, sofas, beds, etc. Round shaped crystals are much more comfortable for cats, especially kittens.

Virtually Dust Free!

Many crystal litters now claim 99% dust free. Give me a break. Dust is virtually weightless, 1% of 8lbs is about 1.3 ounces. This is enough dust to gag an elephant. Many of our customers choose Round Shaped Crystal Litter primarily for the almost complete absence of dust. Healthier for you and your cats. (Yes, there are trace amounts).

Superior, More Expensive Manufacturing Process:

The ideal spherical shape does not break down quite as quickly as the irregular shaped. In part, this is because the irregular shaped crystals are crushed into smaller pieces, then sorted and sized. The Round crystals are produced by a different method which does not involve any fracturing of the original product. It costs more to do it this way, but it produces a superior longer lasting virtually dust-free crystal litter.

[pbr_title_heading title=”Product Specifications” descript=”Prefect for automatic litter boxes”]

This product is made from silica sand, a naturally occurring earth mineral.  Adsorption is a chemical interaction whereby a change of physical properties occurs.  Silica sand crystals completely adsorb urine and its odor until a saturation point occurs, usually after one month, at which time the litter should be changed. This adsorption process also kills bacteria.

Most of our customers prefer the bead style litter for use in a covered automated cat box.  The crystals are completely round and fall easily through the screen.

Professional Box: (4.5 lbs. x 4 bags; 18 lbs. Litter)
Single Case: (8 lbs. x 4 bags; 32 lbs. Litter)
Double Case: (8 lbs. x 8 bags; 64 lbs. Litter)
Shape: Round Crystals
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